Paris Laundromat: Our Convenient Services

Welcome to the Paris Laundromat services! A place where laundries don’t have to be a chore. As we aim to bring you laundry convenience, here are our handy services that you can choose from. Take your next laundry to a more fun, entertaining chore as we give you all the amenities and ambiance of a home.

While in the middle of your laundry, our shop has a concession store with premium coffee, cold drinks, and snacks. Our clean and air-conditioned room is suited to your children’s game while they’re at our play area. Allow us to entertain you with our free Wi-Fi and open T.V.

Our services

  1. Rental equipment / Self-service laundromat

As ever, the tradition will never come out of style, in particular in the laundry. Paris Laundromat offers you conventional self-service laundry. We have everything you need for this task. We have machines, soaps, and detergents prepared for you. All you need is to bring your clothes (and fabrics, if you have with you). 

If, however, you are new to this service, we have plenty of staff that can assist you. If, on the other hand, you think of bringing coins with you, here in our shop it’s all about laundry cards. These cards adapt to our new smart card laundry machines.

The smart card is a secure online token system that enables you to open our laundry machines, such as washers and dryers. Laundry cards are advantageous to our customers as it denotes ownership and consistency in our shop. On our part, it also allows us to see who used which machine.

To get a laundry card, which is free of charge, you may go to our Contact Us page for online application. We will have it readied once you come to our shop. From there, you can now add any value you want to the card.

Our shop also allows you to bring your own soaps and detergents. That said, below are our available soap and detergent brands that you could buy from our concession store.

  • Tide: Original, Pure Clean
  • Persil: ProClean for Sensitive Skin, Original Scent, OXI Power, Stain Fighter, and Odor Fighter
  • Nellie’s Laundry Soda: All-Natural Oxygen Brightener and Wow Stick Stain Remover
  • Purex: Free and Clear for Sensitive Skin, plus Clorox 2 Original Fresh, and Mountain Breeze
  • Gain (detergents): Original Liquid, Moonlight Breeze Liquid, White Tea Lavender Liquid, and Fiercely Fresh Liquid
  • Kirkland (detergent): UltraClean
  • Arm and Hammer: Clean Burst, OxiClean (stain fighter), and for Sensitive Skin with fresh scent

As for our machines that are solely for self-service (rental equipment), we have 9 washers and 11 dryers. Our laundry machines are from the LG brand, and below is our machine model and its features.

  • Giant-C +
    • AdaptAble™ Controls
    • Easy Sliding System
    • Dual Lock System
    • Top-mounted dispenser
    • Stainless steel 
  1. Wash and Fold service

Note: Rush items and orders are charged twice. 

As promised, we’ll do the job for you. We offer you our Wash and Fold service where you can leave us your clothes, garments, as well as textiles and fabrics. Then, you can either have your washed, sanitized, and folded laundry shipped to your home or come by the next day to pick it up.

Schedule a pickup and delivery (point-to-point)

Don’t have the time to bring your laundry to us? You may schedule a point-to-point pickup with us either through a call or sending us a message. We will get your laundry at your home and bring it to you the next day.

Schedule a pickup

Are you not available to get your finished laundry here at our shop? You may schedule a pickup with us whenever you are available. We will have our staff prepare it on the scheduled date. 

Type of wash

Here in our shop, we heed to our clients’ requests. As for the Wash and Fold, you may choose whether you want it done through a machine wash or hand wash

  • Machine wash: A minimum of 10 kilos for wash and fold. Laundry below 10 kilos is charged per piece.
  • Hand wash: The only way to ensure the quality of your delicates is through hand wash. So, allow our experts to do this arduous task for you. A minimum of 8 kilos for hand wash and fold. Laundry below 8 kilos is charged per piece.
  1. Dry Cleaning

For more information about our Dry Cleaning service, please visit our Dry Cleaning page.

  1. Pick-up / Delivery

Paris Laundromat makes your laundry experience even simpler and better through our delivery service. Below are our covered areas, along with their respective rates.

  1. Commercial laundry

Allow us to help your business through our commercial laundry service. We’ll make your guests feel more comfortable and fall in love again and again as they indulge with your soft, sanitized, and purely neat linens, bedsheets, and others. As we take the laundry out of your hands, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on your other business needs.

Our client references 

We are proud to serve our clients. See below the names of some hotels, restaurants, resorts, gym, and other satisfied customers that have come to our service. 

  • Zaher’s Small Batch
  • Tommy’s Not Here
  • P&M’s Cuisine
  • Regency Bakery and Deli
  • Respect Is Burning Supperclub
  • Radisson Hotel Sudbury
  • Holiday Inn Sudbury
  • Northbury Hotel and Conference Centre
  • Comfort Inn East Sudbury
  • Fairbank Lake Resort
  • Touch of Heaven Nordic Spa and Retreat
  • World Gym
  • The Basement Fitness
  1. Specialized / House textiles or fabrics cleaning

Carpets, drapes, curtains, and bedsheets are extremely heavy, thus difficult to clean. Ensure that they are well-cleaned with our House textiles or fabric cleaning. As for this cleaning service, our rates vary depending on its weight and size.

Delivery Locations

Paris Laundromat aims to deliver to the rest of the city. See our list of communities and neighbourhoods along with their delivery rates. 

Note: If you didn’t find your area on our list, you could still contact us for a special shipment. 


AreasDel. rates
AzildaC$ 4.06
Blezard ValleyC$ 4.06
CapreolC$ 4.06
Capreol RuralC$ 4.06
ChelmsfordC$ 4.87
Copper CliffC$ 6.76
DowlingC$ 6.76
GarsonC$ 7.57
HanmerC$ 4.87
LivelyC$ 4.87
NE TownshipsC$ 6.76
Nickel Centre RuralC$ 6.76
SE TownshipsC$ 4.87
SudburyC$ 6.76
Val CaronC$ 7.57
Val ThereseC$ 7.57
Valley East RuralC$ 6.76
Walden RuralC$ 3.24
WhitefishC$ 3.24


AreaDel. Rate
Copper CliffC$ 2.70
DowntownC$ 2.70
Flour MillC$ 2.16
Minnow LakeC$ 2.16
New SudburyC$ 2.70
South EndC$ 2.70
West EndC$ 2.16


See what our new and regular customers are saying about us. If you also have a review for us, whether for or against, you may comment on yours on our Home page. As for the latter, our store will do its best to address your concerns and needs.

  • ‘Indeed, my laundry chore has never been this easy with the help of Paris Laundromat. They have enough staff that can assist every customer’. – Jen, 22
  • ‘With their children’s play area, free T.V., and Wi-Fi, it comforts me to do my family’s laundry as I see my kids busy playing’. – Emma, 34
  • ‘This place will surely be my regular laundry shop. My friend recommended it to me, and I got to say that she wasn’t wrong. Their staff is quick to finish my requests, truly a compliant business’. – Liam, 23
  • ‘Hey, Paris Laundromat! I am a regular customer, and it seems that your Wi-Fi is slow, unlike the last 2 weeks. I’ve been telling this to one of your staff, and I hope it gets fixed. Thanks a lot!’ – Ava, 27
  • ‘A great service by this shop, with low-cost prices my clothes appeared like new ones. I also like how they gave us an online payment option. I hope to see more of your new, helpful ideas’. – Anna, 33
  • ‘This is a high-quality service in Sudbury. I highly advise this shop to those who are new to laundromats. Who would’ve thought that this normal, arduous chore becomes a fun, pleasant task’. – Adam, 28
  • ‘I really like how this shop uses its online service. I arranged my pickup online as well as my payment. It was a nice transaction’. – Aaron, 34
  • ‘Paris Laundromat is the best on its own. I appreciate the eagerness of their staff as they assist their customers’. Carla, 42

Give us a call

Liked our services? The only way to get an awesome laundry experience is by giving us a call or visiting our site. If you have any further questions, you may find our contact details on our Contact Us page. From there, you could also send us a message by filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.