Paris Laundromat: Tips to make laundry day easier

Most people don’t enjoy doing laundry, because it can be tedious and tiring as well. You have to lug clothes around, visit the laundromat, spend some spare change, and get to work. You will then go home, do the folding, and keep the clothes in your closet. 

At the end of the day, your laundry will pile up again in a few days. It’s an endless routine. This is why you need to establish a routine to follow every time you go out and do the laundry. It will help you stay organized and get your tasks done easier. 

Here at Paris Laundromat, we want to make laundry day a simple and relaxing experience. It can be something as simple as cleaning your clothes then sitting back and enjoying the free time you have. To learn more, see some tips on how to handle laundry day like a pro: 

  1. Organize your clothes at home
    It’s a given that you’re more comfortable at home, so take the time to sort your laundry before leaving. This will save you embarrassing moments in a public place where you have to fish out your underwear and put it in another pile.

Separate your clothes at home and put your darks and whites in different bags. That way, you can just put them in the washer the moment you get to the laundromat. 

  1. Bring your detergent and fabric conditioner
    While you think it may be more convenient to just buy detergent and fabric conditioners at the laundromat, it’s more expensive. Save yourself some extra money and add it to your grocery list. Instead of buying it in huge heavy bags, you can get it in smaller sachets. 
  2. Check washers and dryers before and after using
    Before and after using the machines, you have to do an extensive check because you may find traces of bleach or other pieces of clothing that people left behind.

This will also work in your favour because you won’t be at risk of leaving any of your clothes behind after washing or drying. Also, it’s good to remember that you shouldn’t leave your clothes unattended. 

  1. Visit the laundromat at an irregular time of day
    If you go to the laundromat on a Saturday afternoon, there’s a chance that the place will be packed. If you can, try going at an irregular time when there are fewer people. This is so you won’t have to fight over machines and have the place all to yourself. 
  2. Have a bunch of coins at the ready
    When going to the laundromat, it’s a cardinal rule to bring a lot of change. This is so you won’t run out of money in the middle of the cycle and have to run outside to look for change. Prepare beforehand and bring more than enough coins. 

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