Paris Laundromat: The Dos and Don’ts of Laundry

Laundry day is the most dreaded day of the week because you need to face the hassle of washing clothes. Despite the inconvenience, you still do it anyway or else you won’t have anything left to wear. Sadly, there will be moments when you make mistakes and ruin the structure or appearance of your clothes. To avoid that, here are the dos and don’ts of laundry:


  1. Segregate your clothes

Before going to the laundromat, segregating your clothes can make your life easier. By doing this, you have the opportunity to check which clothes belong to hard wash and soft wash. In case you forget to segregate, there is a possibility that your delicates can be mixed with sweaters and coats. As a result, your delicates will get ruined!

  1. Choose the right detergent

There is a wide variety of detergents you can choose from. Although, some of their ingredients are harmful to the skin which can cause an allergic reaction. When that happens, immediately stop using the product and consult a doctor afterwards. Moving forward, check the label description of the detergent of your choice first to see if you are allergic to anything.

  1. Wash your clothes in big batches

It is better to wash your clothes seldomly because washing them too often is a factor in its destruction. Aside from that, you can save time, money and energy if you wash your clothes in big batches. To do this, assign one day of the week for laundry day. 

  1. Study the appliances

Whether you do your laundry at home or laundromat, the appliance models are different from one another. If you encounter a new washing machine model, it is best to ask for guidance from people who have used it to avoid any complications. 


  1. Using bleach on coloured clothing

Bleach is only for white clothing. Using it on coloured clothing, especially black, can leave marks that are beyond salvable. 

  1. Mixing any coloured clothing with white

When you segregate clothes, always remember that white clothes have their category. This is because white easily absorbs colour. So, separate any coloured clothing to avoid having a rainbow splatter on your white garments.

  1. Wringing delicate clothing

Wringing is the action of removing any excess water found on the garment. You can do this when you dry thick clothes like t-shirts, sweaters and pants, but never do this with your delicates. In this category, your undergarments have thin fabrics and foams which can be torn, stretched or deformed after wringing.

  1. Overloading the washer

Do not ever overload the washer because this can damage the appliance badly! What you can do instead is to wash all the heavy and thick clothes first since these occupy more space. 

Remembering these rules is a benefit for you as well as your clothes. Also, always keep an eye on your laundry so that some of your clothes will not get lost. If you want to have a fun laundry experience, visit the Paris Laundromat located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. 

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