Removing Ink Stains from Your Clothes 

We all want to look clean as we present ourselves to other people. We do this by wearing clean and neat clothes that can leave an impression on other people. However, there are countless times where we suddenly find some unwanted stains on our clothes. 

One of the most common problems that we see on our clothes is ink stains. These are commonly obtained from pens, ink pads, or printers that we use in our office. Given that the ink of these things may be permanent, it is a little scary to have it in our clothes, especially on the light ones which we wear. 

This is one of the common problems that we encounter on our Paris Laundromat services. With that, here are some ways how you can remove it by yourself. 

Removing water-based ink stains 

Water-based ink stains are the ones that are the easiest to remove. The most common type of these water-based inks come from washable markers. If that’s the case, then here are some ways on how to remove this type of ink. 

Blot the stain

Apply water to the stained area and blot it with another cloth. By blotting it gently, parts of the stain will be transferred to the clean cloth that was used. 

Add detergent 

Apply a small amount of detergent on the ink stain and have it sit on the stained spot for several minutes. That way, the detergent can be absorbed by the stain. 

Rinse with hot water 

The stain can easily be removed if the detergent is rinsed with hot water. If any traces of the stain are still present, just simply repeat the steps. 

Removing permanent ink stains 

Permanent stains are harder to remove because of their long-lasting properties. If this is the one that can be found on your clothes, then these are some ways on how you can get rid of the stains. 

Determine the fabric

Rubbing alcohol is one of the most common liquids that can remove stains. With that, it may be best for you to first check if the fabric used on your shirt will not be damaged with alcohol. 

Blot the stain

Spray or pour some rubbing alcohol on the stained spot and then blot it with a clean cloth. Afterwards, rinse it with water so that the cloth may be alcohol-free. 

Soak the garment 

After the stain has been reduced, make sure to place some detergent on it and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, make sure to wash the garment until the stain is completely removed. 

For best results, we suggest that you follow these steps while the stain is still fresh. Regardless of whether it may be water-based or permanent ink, the stains can be removed easier once it has not yet fully settled on the fabric. 

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